Manage Databases
without knowing SQL

dwata is an easy to use, Spreadsheet like software for your database. It takes care of all the SQL, even for complex tables or queries. It runs on-premise for complete privacy.

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Easy to use and automatic interface for Databases

dwata finds out all tables, columns and relations and gives you a Spreadsheet like GUI, no code needed

Screenshot of a grid for a table

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dwata is developed actively and we are looking to pilot with startups/businesses.

View related Tables, just by checking the box

You can merge data from multiple tables without knowing SQL. Also for Grouping, Aggregate, Pivots, etc.

Screenshot of two tables merged in a grid

Are you a Founder?

With dwata you can enable everyone in your business to get complex insights with the ease of Spreadsheet. You can also give permissions to modify the data easily.

Easily work with deeply related data

dwata manages the SQL for Tables/Columns, including Filters, JOINs and sub-queries

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Are you a Developer?

dwata comes with content management, CRUD, and UX for complex queries. You will not have to setup SQL dashboards. It's on-premise for complete privacy.

Integers or Dates? dwata handles for you

dwata supports Boolean, Integer, Date/Time, Geolocation, etc. so you can focus on Business insights

Screenshot of funnels to understand user behaviour