Scale Your Business Operations

Without Investing in Software

dwata helps your team manage & understand the Business without fighting with SQL databases or third-party APIs.

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Hello and welcome!
I'm Sumit and I've worked with 10+ startups over 14 years as an Engineer. I'm helping Businesses scale their Operations without writing Code.
What's your professional role?

Software Engineer
Product Manager
Marketer/Sales Exec

Accessible Insights

Complex business insights are easy to gather and track


Get a high level picture with dashboards, or home screen


Empower your team to stay curious and share learnings


Completely visual UI to question and comprehend the data


Ease of use Encourages everyone to participate

Team Work

Onboard everyone quickly and collaborate as a team

Let's talk how everyone can be on deck and empowered.

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dwata is actively developed and we are working with early adopters.

Understand User Behaviour with Funnels

Screenshot of funnels to understand user behaviour

Explore Data and Insights, no SQL Needed

Screenshot of filtering data from Relational database without SQL knowledge

Business Documentation/Notes in dwata

Screenshot of Business documentation/notes directly in dwata

Data Management, Including Relations

Screenshot of Data management (CRUD) for SQL data, including Relations